What to do: Send Congress A Pink Slip via FedEx

Put Congress On Notice


An innovative new campaign to alert Congress of widespread grass-roots opposition to massive new spending plans as well as other objectionable and intrusive legislation is already responsible – in the first 24 hours – for the distribution of 500,000 “pink slip” notices to members of the House and Senate.

Check out this website that World Net Daily (WND) has put together a campaign that you can send 535 Pink Slips to all members of Congress via FedEx for only $29.95.

Here is the link if you want to read about the campaign. Within 48 hours 600,000 pink slips have been sent.  The goal is for 5 million.


6 Responses to What to do: Send Congress A Pink Slip via FedEx

  1. […] Send a pink slip via FedEx to every member of Congress (535), they will arrive quickly and not have to go through a screening process. […]

  2. Joseph D. Eberhardt says:

    You may think we will forget,but we will not,you don’t really know why the American sent you there.

  3. Pat Purl says:

    I want you to understand how totally opposed I am to any type of government run health care. I feel that individuals can make the best financial and health decisions themselves. This country was built on individual responsibility. The government has no part in these decisions. If you vote for this health care bill, I will work to put vote you out of office and financially support those opposing you.

  4. Suzanne Dupree says:

    The Health Care takeover is insane. Fining us for not buying it, rationing, decrease in diagnostics. I will campaign with all my power to oust anyone who votes for this bill.

  5. Dawn Denniston says:

    We don’t want the health care, cap and trade, no more taxes period, Taxed enough already, Dawn Denniston from Vancouver Washington

  6. Leonard.w.Denniston says:

    I am sending this pink slip to everyone in congress who supports the health care bill, or any more “stimulus” packages. due to you are all flat out lyers, I KNOW this means I lose my choice of health care. I have never worked for a company in my life that would not choose to pay a penalty instead of paying part of my premium each month if it saves them money. so that means me, and everyone I have ever worked with, or will ever work with will lose our choice.we will all end up on the government plan. which is guaranteed to be beuricratic nightmare. Also I know that all illegal aliens will be covered by this plan. I would bet the farm on that. because it is a sure thing! this is the biggest lie ever put on the American people. I could name lie after lie after lie in president obahmah’s assurtions about whats in this bill…but you, me, and every person with the wit of A small child allready knows he is lying, and you are all accomplices in this horrible lie.. HAVE YOU NO SHAME! YOU ARE ALL VERY POOR EXAMPLES FOR THE CHILDREN, AND CITIZENS OF THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY. SHAME ON YOU!

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