No Debt Increase #5: Jobs and the Economy

From the TEA Party Patriots:


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Overspending results in a rising national debt, which hinders jobs and the economy.

Unemployment recently rose again to 9.1%, leaving 13.9 million Americans out of work. The President would like Americans to believe that blowing through almost one trillion dollars in “stimulus” has increased our economic growth and put people back to work. Well, even the “intellectual authorities” at Harvard and Stanford are saying that the pork-laden stimulus bill did nothing for the economy or for jobs.

President Obama is just acting out his part as a left-wing ideologue, where he wildly overspends so that he creates an almost existential debt crisis, leading to class warfare rhetoric and a call to hike taxes. Every rational and reasonable person (as well as those who know the tiniest bit about basic economics) understands that we absolutely cannot raise taxes to pay off the credit card debt that has been racked up by power-hungry politicians. And what is the real reason behind all of that overspending? Bigger, more intrusive government (see Obamacare). When government is too big, it spends too much; when government is too big, its debt grows too large; when government is too big, the economy falters and Americans can’t get back to work.

Politicians talk a good game about caring for “the middle class” or “the poor” or  “the children,” or whatever other part they can cut off of the American body, to pit us against each other. Don’t let them do it. We are all Americans and we ALL benefit from a strong, prosperous economy. The politicians are the ones strangling the life out of the economy! If they really cared about the people who make up all of those groups, they would get out of the way and allow Americans to create jobs for other Americans. But that can only happen when we shrink government and cut spending – and that will only happen when we refuse to raise the debt ceiling. 

This is the final email in the series of reasons not to increase the debt limit. The problem, while difficult for the Washington elite, is really quite simple. We MUST stop the spending and we MUST stop it now! Click below to navigate to our Action Center where you can call your Members of Congress and let your voice be heard on the ceiling. The clock is ticking and Washington elites will soon be done with their posturing and come out from the back room with a charade of a deal that makes it look like both sides fought for the right thing. The RIGHT thing is to stop spending money that we are borrowing from our children and grandchildren. 

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Reason #2: If They Raise It, They Will Spend It 

Reason #3: We’ve Been Warned

Reason #4: We Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel on Spending 

Enough is enough. 

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Enough is enough.


America deserves better.


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