When history calls, history calls

Well, I’m sure you heard by now–the Baucus bill passed 14-9 by the Senate Finance Committee yesterday, and yes, Senator Snowe voted for it.

“When history calls, history calls” said Maine Republican Olympia Snowe to announce her support of the bill.  The only republican that has voted for health care reform.   That made for a very sad day.

So what is next?

There are 3 bills that need to be merged together.  The Baucus bill from the Senate Finance Committee, the bill from the Health, Education, Labor and Pension (HELP) Committee and HR3200 from the House.  Of course this is all being done behind closed doors.

I expect that we the people, will not have much access to this bill since the leadership learned their lesson well with the outrage for the HR3200 at the August town halls.  The Senate bill is expected to begin debate the week of October 26.

One of the big debates is the public option, which sounds like it could be a deal breaker.   The democratic liberals want it, the democratic moderates do not want it, and most republicans want a different bill.   So this will be interesting to watch.

What can you do?

If you are planning to mail postcards or letters, do it now.  It takes time to get through the screening process before a letter gets to your elected officials. Click here for a pink slip postcard that you can print and mail. While you are at it, print out several and mail postcards every day.  I also send to both the Washington and district offices.

Use the Code Blue plan and make  2-3 contacts every day until the vote. Of course, the voice mail boxes fill up fast, but email works very well.  This link lists the 13 senators and their contact information.  Very easy.

Send a pink slip via FedEx to every member of Congress (535), they will arrive quickly and not have to go through a screening process.

Contact your Congressman and Senator.    Even if they are in opposition, they need encouragement.


Inform your family and friends now and encourage them to take action.

I know, this is a pain, there are better things to do, this is very tiring, boring, overwhelming, you have a job and regular day to day stuff that you need to do.

Please think about the difference between important and urgent.   This fight is so important and the outcome will affect you, your family, your children, grandchildren in a very personal way.   This will change our country like never before, I believe in a very negative way.

Do you know that the “powers that be” were surprised by the outrage at the August town halls and do not want to believe the numbers on 9/12 tea parties.   They think we will just tire easily, that we will be distracted by the day-to-day activities of jobs and families and we will just fade away.   They are not stopping and will continue to push this through, even though Rasmussen reports 50% of the American people are in opposition to this.

Please join the fight to stop this.    When history calls, history calls.


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