The Arizona Project Documentary

During July, 2011, a small group of people from North Carolina Tea Party groups traveled to Arizona to make a film about the illegal alien problem on our border with Mexico. Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County lead them on their investigation and showed them the territory.

The film crew was sponsored and led by Tea Party Patriots, Mark Hager of the Yadkin Valley Tea Party,Renee Griffith and Mike Prince, also coordinators went on this trip, and funded by donations from Tea Party Patriots and local Tea Party groups across North Carolina ― including and especially Moore Tea Citizens. Thanks go to everyone who donated to the project.

The goal of the Arizona Project is to show that the truth is the exact opposite of the Obama Administration’s very false claims that “the border has never been safer than it is now.” The group was escorted by Sheriff’s Department Deputies as they interviewed and filmed American citizens who live and work near the border. The group went out at night to patrol the isolated areas used by the smugglers and illegals to sneak into this country. They collected factual information and documentary footage to demonstrate the nature and extent of the border problems in Arizona. This film will show you real information about the violence on the border.


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