Core Belief

Good analysis of Obama’s core belief  by John Podhoritz writing about Obama’s recent rant in the Washington Post.

‘Great big’ mistake is confusing a ‘great’ nation with ‘big’ gov’t

An excerpt here

“We are a better country because of these commitments,” he said. “I’ll go further: We would not be a great country without those commitments.”

This idea — that America’s greatness is to be found in the ever-expanding size of its social safety net — may be the most radical thing Obama (or any president) has ever said.

It was once commonly understood that America’s greatness comes from its unique and unprecedented political system — a system of limited government that preserves individual liberties through a system of checks and balances against centralized power.

That system permitted the greatest and most enduring flowering of human ingenuity and personal accomplishment the world has ever known — and because of its nobility, compelled the elimination of its own built-in injustices, like slavery.

Now here we are, in 2011, and our president is arguing that some programs created in the 1930s and 1960s — 150 years after Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin, and 70 years after Lincoln — are what define America as a great nation.

Read the full article here


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