Where Does the Money Go?

In all of the budget discussions, do you wonder where does the money go?  Check out this website with the budget explained in plain language.

From the 2010 budget, here is a web site that breaks down spending for each department and what they have received for the last 5 years budget cycles.  The article also shows the budget allocations and then the additional “Recovery Act” funds.
When looking at these numbers, remember the Republican pledge in November 2010 to cut $100B out of the budget.   The House passed a budget over 45 days ago with only $61B in cuts, however it hasn’t passed the Senate.
If you eliminate Departments of Education, Energy, Agriculture, EPA–which are departments frequently targeted by smaller government advocates–you only come up with $243.4 billion.
Department of Defense (DoD)  gets $671 billion alone–so defense and 900 bases around the world (rumor has it) is a little much.
Look at the graphs for the last few years and see where all the increases  have happened. Very interesting……
Also to help clarify for you:
  • Fiscal 2012 Budget year:  October 2011 – September 2012  (Rep Paul Ryan budget proposal is for the 2012 budget)

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