Statement About Wisconsin

Official statement from Tea Party Patriot founders

Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler

“In the current situation in Wisconsin, we see Democratic politicians and their constituency standing against democracy.  Instead of responding to the will of the people, Democratic legislators are in hiding, and refusing to show for a vote which they are certain to lose.  Teachers have closed down the schools.  Union thugs have overrun the capitol and are damaging property, and carrying signs with crude abuse and threats.  Meanwhile, instead of acting “Presidential” and calling for a restoration of the democratic process, civility and decency, the President and his Organizing for America are actually standing against democracy in Wisconsin.


In summary, here is what we see in Wisconsin ; Democratic legislators in hiding and not legislating, teachers on sick-out and not teaching, and students out of school and not learning.  Most importantly, we see our President, who is supposed to be a leader, not “leading.”    Is it any wonder that public opinion has turned against the President, the Democrats, public employee unions and their thugs?”

Information About Wisconsin Rally
We would like to thank American Majority for spearheading the rally in Madison tomorrow.  They have done an excellent job  leading the effort  organizing the rally.

We have received emails from tea party organizers in Wisconsin thanking us for our show of support  for this effort by sending out an email about the rally.  Tea Party Patriots will always be there to support local tea party organizers and some of our National Coordinators will be there with you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 19 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Wisconsin State Capitol, East Side of the Building


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