Health Care Update

This is a 6 month update after ObamaCare has passed.    Please remember this as you prepare to vote in just a short 25 days–or earlier if vote early.  My motto–if they voted for it, vote ’em out!

Our Health Care System Is Imploding, Your Support Couldn’t Be More Important! Just six months have passed since the passage of ObamaCare and our system of private insurance is breaking apart. Employers are dropping health insurance plans; private insurers are leaving the market. ObamaCare threatens to erode quality and restrict your access to care. The time to fight back is now!

Employers Are Dropping Health Insurance. Last week, 3M announced it would terminate its private health insurance plan for retirees. Instead, 3M will send them to an ObamaCare health exchange! 3M isn’t alone. McDonald’s is considering dropping health care coverage for its 30,000 employees, too. And you can bet the other fast food chains – Wendy’s, KFC, Burger King – are all thinking the same way.

Private Health Insurers Are Leaving the Market. Principal Financial announced this week that it was getting out of health insurance altogether, despite 60 years of service and customers in 31 U.S. markets. Principal is not alone. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care dropped 22,000 seniors this week from its Medicare Advantage plans.

Your Private Health Insurance Plan Is at Risk! Just six months into ObamaCare and employers and insurance providers’ actions are talking louder than the Obama Administration’s words: Whether you get insurance from an employer or buy it on your own, one this is clear: whether you like your plan or not, you are unlikely to be able to keep it.

Fight Back! The best way to protect you and your family is to fight for the repeal of ObamaCare. Want to find out more about what health reform means for you? Order your copy of the NCPA’s consumer guide by going to

Thanks for your support!

Warm regards,

National Center for Policy Analysis


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