Immigration Tunes

Very interesting point:

AZ GOP Chr Randy Pullen Speaks out:  Sound Strike Rings Hollow

As various artists, musicians and entertainers jump on the boycott bandwagon to protest Arizona’s new immigration law, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen questioned the motives of an industry who also suffers from those who ignore the laws of the land.

“So often we hear celebrities weigh in on political issues of which they lack a fundamental understanding of the issue,” said Chairman Pullen.  “While they are certainly entitled to express their opinion, I would expect that they would at least have one that is consistent.  Musicians and artists justifiably complain about copyright infringement and those who willfully ignore the law when it comes to stealing intellectual property.  Is it beyond reason to expect citizens and foreign visitors to abide by federal law when it comes to immigration policy?”

According to various news reports, a group of entertainers have joined together to boycott Arizona in protest of SB 1070.  Whether or not the artists actually had scheduled shows in Arizona remains unclear and unreported.

“It’s surprising that these people are so out of touch with the overwhelming numbers of Americans that support the bill,” continued the Chairman.  “With such high-profile acts such as the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, Los Faggots and Anti-Flag, I’ll be surprised if all our concert halls and entertainment venues don’t immediately close their doors.

“I would argue that our situation is similar to having someone sneak into their concert without a ticket,” said the Chairman.  “I’m curious if these artists sing a different tune when it comes to security at their shows.  Nowadays, concert security search people more thoroughly than Border Patrol.  Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

“I respect their right to oppose the federal law that will now be enforced in Arizona,” said Pullen.  “But with nearly two dozen of other states considering implementing the measure, where they are going to play?  Canceling non-existent shows in Arizona is one thing, but backing out of real gigs?  Now that would be sending a message to the fans who support your livelihood.”


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