How Did Your Representative Vote?

Here is a website that provides a handy chart of federal votes by state.   They have a listing of the federal politicians for each state, with an added bonus…those that are consistently voting to put the U.S. in debt.

The politicians with the red names and stars voted for 3 or more of the spending bills listed on their state’s chart. These are the people who are constistently voting to put Americans further into debt.

here is the Arizona list:

Arizona (AZ):

Sen. Jon Kyl
Sen. John McCain

Rep. Ed Pastor ****DEBT*****
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords ****DEBT*****
Rep. Raul Grijalva ****DEBT*****
Rep. Harry Mitchell ****DEBT*****

Rep. Jeff Flake
Rep. Trent Franks
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
Rep. John Shadegg

Here is the vote tracker chart for Arizona, click chart to view pdf file:

Not from Arizona, go to votetrackers to find your state.   Inform your family and friends, so they can see how their politican voted before they vote again in November.  Remember, all of the House of Representatives  and about 1/3 of the Senators are up for election.


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