What Can One Person Do To Make A Difference?

Forwarded to me on what one person can do:

What Can I Do to Make a Difference?

First, do your own research and find the candidates you want to support. Put their signs in your yard. Contribute some money to them to help in their campaign. This can be offered for School Board Candidates, City Council Candidates, State candidates, and Federal Candidates. There are so many ways to get involved it would be impossible to list all of them but here are a few: (Feel free to add to this list)

– Attend Tea Parties and Rallies. Offer to help set up, take down, etc.. for the event.

– Send Letters, Emails, and Call Your Elected Officials on issues you feel strongly about.

– Contact Campaign Headquarters of those campaigning for office to offer your help.

– Help Place sign out on Street Corners about issues and for Candidates you believe in.

– Make donations to Tea Parties and directly to those Candidates that you support.

– Pick up your own phone and phone book to make calls for Candidates. Make your own script.

– Write letters to the editors of Newspapers about issue you feel strong about.

– Call and Email your current elected Representative if they do something RIGHT.

– Turn your car into a rolling Billboard across town by painting your windows white about specific issues like Prop 100. (We need your help on this one right now.

– Offer to help make and paint signs.

– Teach Constitution Lessons to your Family and Friends

– Watch Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, etc.. and share what you learn.

– Email your friends about an interesting political topic.

– Read and study books about the founding of this country.

– Get your family and children involved in the process.

– Pass out Pocket Constitutions to your neighbors and others you don’t know.

– Wear T-shirts that state your viewpoint on issues.

-Hold your own Fund Raiser for a Candidate.

If we truly want our country back we must do a little more than we are doing right now. I challenge you to do something different this month and add just a little more to your political plate.

We still need to do all we can to fight back on Prop 100. Please buy a bottle of white shoe polish at Walmart for $3.99 with a foam tip and paint your truck or car windows today with:

  • Vote No On 100
  • No on Prop 100
  • No More Taxes
  • Vote No on 100
  • No on May 18th
  • Save Your Job, Vote No on Prop 100
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