Hard Work is Paying Off

Received 2 updates from I-Caucus over the weekend how their plan is working, you may have heard about it— Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) being ousted.

Some of my previous articles have spoken about the PC (Precinct Committeeman) being the most powerful office in politics, this provides a good example.   In Utah, at the UTAH GOP convention, the delegates vote on the incumbent.  To get on the ballot, the incumbent  must get at least 40% of the delegates vote.   To become a delegate, you get involved in your local precinct/district/neighborhood GOP group.

Become involved in your local group.  Also be aware that each state and county have different rules.   If enough people step up to the call, we can make a difference.

I-Caucus has two sites, join and become a member:



Dear I-caucus Members,

I am writing this to you from the Utah Republican Party convention, and this is a breaking news heads up for our members:

Today, Saturday May 8th, the first incumbent Senator who promoted and voted for the TARP bailouts back in 2008 will be defeated and his re-election campaign will come to an end.

That incumbent Senator, Bob Bennett Utah, was the chief Republican architect of the TARP bailouts.

I-caucus has been working with Utah Tea party and 912 groups for more than a year in a concerted effort to make this happen. Today, I can certify to you that we collectively got enough delegates elected statewide to make this happen.

Now, in a couple more hours, Bennett wont even be able to appear on the ballot in the November general election.

It is happening as we speak and I will email you the final vote results
as soon as they are in.  Stay tuned.

Here’s why:
In Utah, incumbents must get at least 40% of the party delegate votes in order to retain any chance at all for the party’s nomination and to appear on the ballot.

If the incumbent does not secure at least 40% of the delegate votes they are done…as in stick a fork in them. They would have NO chance to appear on the Republican Primary ballot and NO chance to appear on the general election ballot in November.

That’s no chance as in zero, zip, nada, and “none at all.”

Plus, by Utah law, the incumbent has no chance of appearing on the ballot as an independent candidate.

Here’s how we did it:
Back in January, the Independence Caucus vetted and endorsed 3 candidates, (Mike Lee, Tim Bridgewater, and Cherilyn Eagar) all of whom we deemed as acceptable replacements for Bob Bennett in 2010.

Because of Utah’s caucus/convention system, we did not need to endorse just one candidate.

Then, in concert with other local “Tea Party” and “912” groups throughout Utah, we began a campaign in January and February to encourage Utahns who supported any of those 3 endorsed candidates to organize their neighbors to attend the Caucus meetings with them and get elected as delegates.

This campaign succeeded. While there is normally a 40% to 50% turnover in delegates from one election cycle to another, this year there was more than an 80% turnover…and that added turnover was a direct result of the campaign to get I-caucus/Tea Party/912 supporters elected as delegates.

19 months of coordinated work with other grass roots groups here in Utah is now coming to fruition. Delegates are voting now, it should only be a few more hours and Bob Bennett’s Senate career will enter its lame duck phase.

Then, we turn our attention to continue helping I-caucus endorsed candidates in the rest of the country.

Again, STAY TUNED!   I’ll email all of you as soon as Bob Bennett’s post TARP bailout senate career is officially over.


Frank Anderson

And then about an hour later:
3:31pm MST – Its official.
Incumbent Senator Bob Bennett was eliminated, and cannot be on the Primary or general election ballots, and he cannot run as an Independent.

The chief Republican party architect of the TARP bailout Senate “sweeteners” is officially a lame duck Senator and the first incumbent knocked out in 2010.
This is really important because the Republican establishment believes I-caucus & 912 & Tea party activists are mad at Democrats…well, this is a wake up call for Republican Incumbents we have just delivered.

Most importantly, the Utah Republican Party in 2008 told I-caucus that Jason Chaffetz winning “was a fluke” and that we would never be able to do it in a statewide senate race because the power of the senate incumbency was much more formidable.  They were wrong.

Bob Bennett outspent all of his challengers combined by more than 20 to 1.  He has a multi-million dollar war chest he was planning on using to get re-elected…and now he can’t spend any of it for himself on this years election.

YOU can do this in YOUR state too….those who think otherwise are wrong….we just need to get as many local patriotic groups involved and organized behind I-caucus vetted and endorsed candidates.

I hope all of you have as great a night as we are going to have.
Frank Anderson

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