Where do you stand on Prop 100?

Received this today…Action that you can take

Dear Arizona Taxpayers and Tea Partiers:

Scroll Down for a Very Important Action Item

The Big Spenders and their lobbyists will soon have ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spend on tv commercials, radio ads, robo-calls and glossy mailers to try to convince Arizona voters to vote for Prop 100 on May 18 and give the state government more money.

It is obvious why the spending lobbies are working so hard to win on Prop 100.  If they win, they will get to spend an extra one billion dollars a year of YOUR money. Your state sales taxes will go up by 18 percent.  For the average family, that would mean paying an extra $400 a year for the next three years.  If you are not clear on the 18 percent increase, read this blog post:


Prop 100 is also fraudulent: what is on the ballot is not what is actually going to happen.  If you are not clear on that point, read this blog post:


We must work hard to counter the sky-is-falling rhetoric from the pro-100 side. For example, it is crucial to understand that Arizona’s K-12 system has plenty of money. The problem with our schools is that the available money is not getting into our classrooms:



What can YOU do to stop the fraudulent and economically damaging Prop 100 tax increase?  What can YOU do to say NO to the Big Spenders?  What can YOU do to force the state government to learn to live within its means?

Simple:  You are Tea Partiers. You are really good at making signs. Let’s make some signs. And please do it quickly—early ballot voting begins this week.  We have to get our message out to the fence-sitters.  They have to be reminded that real people will be hurt by this tax increase.

Here is how to do it: Get large pieces of corrugated plastic, cardboard, poster paper, bed sheets, or canvas.  (Any large surface will do—I am going to use an old closet door.)   Go to a discount store or a hardware store and get some cheap tempura paint and some brushes, or some spray paint.  Write very simple messages using the ideas below.  Be sure to make your letters VERY BIG—brush strokes should be at least two inches wide.  Then, take zip ties and attach your signs to chain link fences and to stakes at busy intersections near you.  Then, be ready to make more signs, in case the activists from the pro-spending side vandalize or remove your signs.  Here some messages:

Please vote NO on Prop 100

Tell the Big Spenders NO – Vote NO on Prop 100

We are Taxed Enough Already – Vote NO on Prop 100

Government needs to cut spending, too.  NO on Prop 100.

We are ALL hurting in this recession. Vote NO on Prop 100.

This is free speech at its best.  Keep it cheap.  Do not spend more than $500, so that you do not have to register as a political committee.  Remember: this election is in the hands of the grassroots. We stole this idea from two grassroots groups: the Pima Association of Taxpayers, which beat the City of Tucson and TUSD budget overrides using homemade signs, and the activists who are fighting the Prop 406 tax hike right now in Gilbert.

When you’re done posting your homemade NO on 100 signs, please contact the Ax the Tax committee (www.axthetaxaz.com or axthetax@cox.net) and ask them what else you can do to beat Prop 100.


Early ballot voting begins THIS WEEK!

The last day to request an early ballot is Friday, May 7.

Go to the AZ Secretary of State’s website and request your early/absentee ballot:

Registration Site:  http://www.azsos.gov/election/county.htm

For Liberty,



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