What Has Harry (Mitchell) Done to Our Health Care?

Time: April 29, 2010 from 6:30pm to 8pm
Location: Saguaro High School
Organized By: Americans for Prosperity – Tom Jenney

Event Description:
Town Hall: What Has Harry (Mitchell) Done to Our Health Care?
Thursday, April 29 — 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Hosted by AFP Arizona and the AZ Health Care Freedom Act
Saguaro High School, 6250 N. 82nd Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 (near McDonald and Hayden).

More info: At the town hall, health care policy experts Dr. Eric Novack will explain what passage by Congress of the current health care “reform” package will mean for you as an insurance consumer, as a patient, and as a taxpayer. Over the coming months and years, as really bad things begin happening in the American health care system, citizen activists will need to know exactly WHY those things are happening—otherwise, future Congresses will have great difficulty fixing the messes that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and CD5 Congressman Harry Mitchell are imposing on the country.

Dr. Novack is not only one of the nation’s foremost experts on health care policy: he is also the architect of the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act, which will be on the November 2 ballot.

Dr. Novack will explain the importance of the Act, not just to patients and health insurance consumers in Arizona, but to the future of health care freedom in America as a whole.

AFP Arizona plans to do a series of these town halls across Arizona in the coming months, to let voters know what Gabrielle Giffords, Raul Grijalva, Ann Kirkpatrick, Harry Mitchell, and Ed Pastor voted for on March 21, 2010.


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