Protest at Harry Mitchell’s Office Sat noon-2pm

Dear Valley Taxpayer–

Now that Congressman Harry Mitchell has said he will vote YES on ObamaCare, we have to let him know that we will not stop protesting him, as long as he remains in office.

We must educate our fellow citizens about what Mitchell has done.  But many of your neighbors in CD5 do not read the same emails you do.  They do not watch Fox News.  They do not listen to conservative talk radio.  The best way to reach them–other than going door-to-door–is to make a highly visible (but peaceful) ruckus in the streets.

Your neighbors need to know that there is something seriously wrong with a legislator who would vote, in the face of massive public opposition, for a corrupt bill that would have the federal government take over one-sixth of the US economy.  Whether or not you live in the district currently represented by Congressman Harry Mitchell, please join us by HONKING to express your anger at what he is doing to this country.  Details below.

Event Type: TEA Party—Honking for Health Care Freedom

Topic(s):   Harry’s Impending Vote for a Washington Take-Over of Health Care

Date: Saturday, March 20

Time: Noon to 2:00 pm


Host(s):  Tea Party Patriots of Scottsdale, AFP Arizona, et al

Ideological Orientation of Host(s): Patriotic/Free-Market/Conservative/

Location:  Cong. Mitchell’s Office, SE corner of Scottsdale and Camelback Roads

RSVP: Judy Hoelscher,, Honey Marques,

More info: If you can’t join us on the street corner at Scottsdale and Camelback Roads, please drive by and honk—multiple times, if you can!  FYI, the Arizona Republic told us they are sending reporters to this event…


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