Don’t Stop Believing! Fight for Your Freedom!

See Important message (attachment)  just in from Congressman John Shadegg urging Republicans to continue protesting the ObamaCare bill.
March 20, 2010

Don’t Stop Believing! Fight for Your Freedom!

Act NOW to Stop Obamacare

The sight in Washington, D.C. today is amazing. Tens of thousands of people have descended onto the grounds of the U.S. Capitol to protest the government takeover of health care by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the Washington Democrats.

As I write you this email, thousands of Americans are chanting outside the Capitol, and I can hear them clearly from my office right across the street. I’ve also spoken with many people who have literally driven here on a whim, because they feel so strongly about defeating this takeover of our health care. President Obama has called a special meeting with Democrats right now. He has come to the Capitol instead of summoning them to the White House – I believe, because he was afraid no one would show. Democrats are running scared because they know that the American people do not want this passed!

The energy is building against this bill, and I do believe there’s a chance we can actually make enough noise and educate enough people to STOP it! I wish you could be here with me here today, but there are still things you can do from home that can be effective in stopping this legislation. Here are three things you can do right now:

  1. Make news! Make your voice heard by going to your local TV or radio station or newspaper and tell the producers and reporters that you don’t want President Obama and Speaker Pelosi to take your health care!
  2. Call up your family and friends and get them to call their member of Congress and demand that Speaker Pelosi require a roll call vote! Demand that every House member should stand and announce his or her vote out loud in front of C-SPAN and for the world to see!
  3. Organize a protest/candlelight vigil against Obamacare at your local TVstation tonight!

Don’t stop now – we’ve come too far. We’re hearing that Democrat members that were “on the fence” or that had declared they’d vote for the bill have now decided to vote against it or have flipped. These are great signs. Please, do something today to speak out against this massive federalization of health care in America!

John Shadegg


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