Water for Health Care?

I had the Glenn Beck TV program on while I was busy in the kitchen this afternoon, when this segment caught my attention and I had to stop and take notes.  If this is true and it certainly sounds like it…this is downright scary!!!

First some background:  You may or may not know about the situation in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV).  The SJV is a huge flat valley in central California that produces (or used to) a large amount of our produce.  The water has basically been shut off to the farmers.   There have been billions of water diverted from the farms because of a very small bait fish–the delta smelt.   Now who is responsible for this…why it is the Department of the Interior.

There has been a very long struggle to get the water turned back on and get these farmers back in production.  This area has between 20-40% unemployment.  The water is still not back on.

Here are my notes from the segment.  Glenn interviewed Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) from district 21, which is in the SJV.   The thinking is that Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA) district 20 and Rep Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) district 18 were bought off with water to their districts for their votes on health care.

Now let that just sink in for a moment.

If you vote for the federal takeover of the health care industry (because that is where it is going) and we will turn on the water.

But wait there is more…

Another shocking thing that Nunes stated:

We only get 25% of our water for 100% of health care.

Nunes then went on to compare the current administration to Saddam Hussein who starved his people of water and another delightful person Robert Mugabe who is currently starving his people.

Let me give you some background on Mugabe… Robert Mugabe is President of Zimbabwe, who compares himself to Hilter and basically stole the farmland in his country which was once the “bread basket” of southern Africa and major agricultural exporter.  Now…Zimbabwe depends on food programs and support from outside to feed its people to avoid starvation.  okay back to the program…

Now compare this to a year with 129% of rainfall and the government deems only 25% can be given to the farmers.  Unbelievable!!

Beck asked Nunes about the situation and if he was really saying what he was saying.  Yes!  was the answer.  Don’t you think the timing is suspect, it is announced just before the vote and not when it was originally scheduled to be announced.

Nunes went on to say that Pelosi and team were elected long before he was born and they want to create a new America.  If you look at the SJV, we are what happens when you create a socialist utopia they want.

What are the ramifications?  Nunes went on to say, that these characters go back to the 1960’s radical times started in San Francisco, they created a machine that gradually put environmental regulations in place.   When you look back at the 1980’s, the logging industry was turned off.  Then they started turning off the water slowly over the years until they just shut it off this last year.

Folks this is coming to the rest of America. This used to be a valley of hard working farmers and farm workers.  That is now between 20% and 40% unemployment and they can’t even feed their families.

They think from here in Washington they can control the masses.


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