Obama Interview at Fox News

Interesting…Obama being interviewed by Bret Baier at Fox News.   Just to remind you, this is the same channel that the White House came out a few months back and said was not a news channel and not worthy of watching.

Here is just a small snippet of the interview:

To watch the entire segment, which I would recommend, follow this link:

Obama Interview at Fox News on Health Care right before the vote

Things to notice:

  • Obama does not worry about procedural rules — just do it
  • Doesn’t answer why deals and bribes are necessary if bill is so good
  • Courage to do the deem and pass, sequence the votes
  • What specific deals/bribes are in/out
    • Louisiana Purchase now helps Hawaii natural catastrophe, which went through an earthquake???? really??? is he talking about Haiti???
  • Can you govern after a 51 vote in the Senate…doesn’t answer question…put forth his talking points
  • By the time the vote takes place, we will finally know what is in the bill
  • Bret Baier calls him Sir, while Obama calls him Bret during the entire session.  Did you also notice this during the Blair conference?
  • We aren’t transforming 1/6 of the economy in one fell swoop…that tells me more change is coming
  • Doesn’t know about Connecticut deal, another bribe
  • What about the $500B being double-counted–oh no, you can’t say that, but you can say–take savings and put on reform.
  • Doctors fix – I think this is the ratchet down of medicare reimbursements that have been delayed…I think

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