Health Care Update

The term that I keep hearing on the news and radio is “demon pass.”  Is that what you hear?  Every time this term is used, that is exactly what I hear.

Yeah, I know, they are really saying “deem and pass”.

The  irony is too much and sickening:

  • This is just evil and then to hear it called “demon pass.”  I have to agree on the term as I hear it.
  • Slaughter rule:  put forth by House Rules Committee Chair Rep. Slaughter (D-N.Y.)   Now isn’t that rule named appropriately.  This is the same person that “topped” in the Blair House summit about a lady that had to wear her dead sister’s dentures…not kidding.
  • The vote seems to be scheduled for Sunday, as if that is not bad enough, but during Lent…for a bill that contains  government paid abortion.
  • Read on Hotair on how a similar tactic by the Republicans was opposed in 2005. I bet you could guess who before you go take a peek.

Now here is Senator Tom Coburn warning members of the House of Representatives that Republican senators will watch carefully for any deals the White House or Democratic leaders make with members in exchange for their votes.

Now I like that they are looking to protect the American people from corruption.  But why is this news and why is it not always done?

Updated:  Forgot to add about the TEA Party is asking for us to surge to Washington or your Congressman’s local offices.  Put the pressure on.


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