Just Say No!

1,000,000 Emails That Say No!

Here is a note that I received from NCPA–send your email.  Let’s Alinksy them by overwhelming their system!!!

Dear Policy Patriots –

Obama & Pelosi Huff and Puff… But will they blow the House down? The final showdown is here! Play your part by helping the Policy Patriots achieve the NCPA’s bold, new challenge:

Help send 1,000,000 emails to Congress by President Obama’s deadline of March 18! Go to Action Army and send a letter today!

600,000 Emails Say One Thing: Policy Patriots Are Getting The Job Done. You are the reason why Obama and Pelosi are having such trouble passing ObamaCare. In the last several months, Policy Patriots have sent nearly 600,000 emails to Congress clearly and defiantly communicating your opposition to ObamaCare.

“No” Means “No” Mr. President. The American people have clearly and consistently opposed ObamaCare-despite repeated Democratic attempts to label American dissent as uninformed. Consider the following:

  • The more that Americans know about health care reform, the less they like it. Americans have soured on ObamaCare. Now only 25% of Americans support ObamaCare while more than 53% oppose it.
  • Independents oppose ObamaCare. Independents reject ObamaCare at a rate of more than 3-to-1.
  • ObamaCare won’t reduce health care costs. Only 17% of Americans believe that current health care proposals will accomplish that goal.
  • Americans want a bipartisan solution. 55% of Americans think that Congress should start over on health care and 60% think that Democrats should get Republican support for the health care bill.

Four Problems with ObamaCare. Current health care legislation is:

  • Highly unpopular
  • Dangerously flawed
  • Terrifyingly expensive
  • Largely unfunded

For the sake of our grandparents who need care, our children who need sensible spending and all Americans who need a better, reasonable approach to governing, we say, NO MEANS NO!

NCPA to Policy Patriots: 1,000,000 Emails to Congress. In the shoot-out over health care, it’s high noon. We’ve carried on the fight for months-and now’s our opportunity to win it. That’s why we’re setting a bold, new challenge of sending 1,000,000 emails to Congress by March 18!

Dozens of Votes are on the Fence! Dozens of Members of Congress are sitting on the fence, considering whether they should support ObamaCare. It’s crucial that they hear your voice and the voices of your neighbors, friends and family.

We’ve put a new Policy Patriot email on the Action Army website. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the website. Go to Action Army.
  • Take Action. Send a letter to your Congressional Representative, and send a letter to the Blue Dog Coalition – now it’s more important than ever.
  • Tell your friends. Forward this email to your neighbors, friends and family and tell them that you oppose ObamaCare and support the NCPA!
  • Contribute to the Cause. Your support makes possible our fight against ObamaCare. Remember that you can donate online or mail a check to:
National Center for Policy Analysis
P.O. Box 650098
Dallas, Texas 75265-0098

Thank you for your continued support of the NCPA.


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