Will You Be Silent or Speak Out?

This was forwarded to me and is very clear on what we need to do. ..Please read the entire post.

The Time has come to rally. The hour of battle is upon us. Our long struggle is about to come to fruition.  Raise your voices, shoulder your arms, unfurl our battle flags, we are ready, we shall not shirk our duty this day, for on this day we march together to Glorious victory. For the Government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth…so help us God….God Bless America always and forever.

Today, President Obama has launched his last ditch campaign-style push to get enough partisan phone calls and faxes flooding Capitol Hill to try to stem the tide of the Tea Party Movement..

Here’s what the President said to his minions:

“We need to see where people stand. And we need all of you to help us win this vote. So I need you to knock on doors. Talk to your neighbors. Pick up the phone… [W]e need you to make your voices heard all the way in Washington, D.C.”

That means President Obama’s strategy depends on one thing…

…the SILENCE of the Tea Party!

Obama, the egotist, knows public opinion is against him.

The polls consistently show that a majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare. Yet Obama insists on shoving Obamacare down our throats. We must show this President and all the Presidents that come after that the American People are not to be trifled with….

If a representative sampling of Americans contacted members of Congress, then most phone calls, faxes and emails would OPPOSE ObamaCare and the DEMOCRAT fast-track timeline would be derailed.

The Tea Party strategy appears to be working.

Here’s what a trusted contact on Capitol Hill reported:

“We just left [a member of Congress’] office and while we were waiting, their phones were going crazy demanding… do not support health care..”

This contact also said the odds of ObamaCare passing have fallen to the lowest level since this battle began.

Now the targeted House vote is just 10 days away.

So Obama is counting on our silence while resorting to campaign-style efforts to rally his minions– the far LEFT enemies of our Conservative values and our way of life….

Send OUR message right now to your two Senators, your Reps AND the President — and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Do it for your families, for your children and for the generations of Americans to come.

Call your Senators and Representative

Again, Obama’s strategy centers on our fatigue — He is betting that you and I will be just sick and tired of fighting this battle so he can make Congress think that public opinion has turned. His plan hinges on our silence. It is up to us to prove him wrong.

We must hold the line. Do not stop now. We have come too far, won too much, gained too much ground to slow down now. The final struggle is less than 10 days away. Throw everything we have into this effort. Keep in mind this is an all or nothing battle….

We must go all out to win. We will break Obama when we defeat his odious bill. This is the most strategic battle in the SECOND REVOLUTION, the war to take back America.

God Bless You and God Bless America

Tony Passaro – Bel Air Tea Party Patriots, Maryland


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