Now Is The Time-Barrack Wants To Hear From You

This is another goal line stand.   This group in Washington is intent on getting health care passed.  Even the President said whatever it takes.

Here is the plan Hugh Hewitt suggests:

Please call first those Democrats from your state.  Call the switchboard at 202-225-3121, but also call their district offices.

The message should be simple: Vote “no” on Obamacare.  Tell the staff or the voicemail that if the Member votes yes, you will contribute to their 2010 opponent and work in their district to defeat them.

There are two lists.  The so-called “Blue Dogs” who are supposed to be moderate are listed first.

The second list are those Democrats targeted by the effort by the National Republican Congressional Committee who are not listed among the Blue Dogs. (ReverseTheVote has targeted two dozen Democrats who voted yes for Obamacare in the fall but face difficult re-elections in eight short months. Contributions to are divided equally among these 24 campaigns.)

Click here for the list to call


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