Hope and Change for the Simple Minded

This is jaw-dropping!

This is another “stay on message” that Obama started in his State of the Union speech…the problem with and the reason the health care reform has not passed is that Obama has not explained it to us simple minded people.

The underlying thought to this message…YOU ARE DUMB and need to hear SIMPLE THINGS like HOPE and CHANGE!

Let’s see, did you get those descriptions:

  • failure to understand anything unless it is simple
  • phobias to anything visionary
  • we need things explained in much much simpler terms, you know like “Health Care for Dummies” — especially those TEA Party folks

And oh my, I have such concern for Obama.  Just imagine the burden he carries for being so bright.  It must be such a burden for him.   Is that why I feel that every time he speaks “to the people”, I feel like I am being scolded in a parent/child relationship.


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