What is Next?

Are you wondering what is next for health care?

The Hill is reporting that there are 15-20 House Democrats withholding support of the Senate version because of the abortion language.

The Hill also reports about the order to pass this legislation:

The White House currently wants the House to pass the Senate’s original health care bill then for both chambers to pass its fixes, with the Senate using the budget reconciliation process.

The reconciliation process (also known as nuclear option) means to pass the Senate with a minimum of 51 votes not 60 as usual. The reconciliation purpose is to alter the federal budget, not write new policy.  You can read about the reconciliation process on The Hill and a potential issue with it–VP Biden can push it through:

The parliamentarian can rule any provisions as “incidental” and remove it from the bill if he or she judges that its purpose is to write new policy not simply to alter the federal budget. “The ‘incidental’ test is a very difficult test because it is very subjective,” Dove said. “You are trying to judge peoples’ motives,” he said. The Senate can overturn the parliamentarian’s rulings with 60 votes — but if Democrats had 60 votes, they would not be using reconciliation. Dove also noted that Vice President Joe Biden, in his Constitutional role as President of the Senate, is the ultimate authority and could overrule the parliamentarian. He added, though, that “no vice president, frankly, since Nelson Rockefeller in 1975, has exercised that right.

You may have heard that Obama has posted his plan on the White House site for you to read.  You can read it here.

You can read an analysis of his plan in this article—The Heritage Foundation Morning Bell:  Can They Make Obamacare Worse?  Yes They Can! Let’s see, here is a quick summary:  Cornhusker Kickback for all, another wealth/health redistribution;  increased Medicare payroll tax which will now include investment income; and price controls.

Here is another analysis of the recently released Obama plan at The Heritage Foundation:  The President’s Health Summit Proposal:  Rhetoric vs Reality.

The President’s health care proposal contains little that is new.  The well tested rhetoric used by the White House to sugarcoat the health policy outline should not fool ordinary Americans. This proposal is even more expensive than the Senate bill upon which it is apparently based: $950 billion over ten years rather than $871 billion.

Oh and you have to trust Obama on his plan’s cost, because it has not been scored by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office). There is just not enough time, nor details to do it.  Kinda tricky, you think.

Here is the latest Pelosi quote when asked about the Congressional procedures to pass legislation:

“Why don’t we just settle on the substance first and we take this one at a time,” she told reporters. “I’m not into procedure right now. I’m into substance.”

My translation:  The rules don’t matter, just do what I want to do!

Call your Representative and Senator AGAIN.

Tell them NO!

But wait, there is more!  Once the nuclear option/reconciliation is used to radially transform our country with health care, there is more waiting in the wings.  Follow this link and watch this clip of Senator Sanders explain reconciliation and the proposed landslide of legislation that will change our country.


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