Rally Pics

I was not able to make either of these rallies in early January, but did receive pictures and update from Americans for Prosperity:

On Tuesday morning, January 5, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity and the Scottsdale Tea Party sent a big message to Congressman Harry Mitchell.  We deployed a gigantic sign at the Mountain View overpass, in full view of rush-hour traffic on the 101 freeway. In very large letters, the sign said:
HONK to STOP Washington DC’s corrupt takeover of our health care!
For links to photos, video, and news coverage of our January 5 demonstration, go here:
On Thursday morning, January 7, with only two days’ notice, 60 activists from the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Scottsdale Tea Party and FreedomWorks rallied outside a Scottsdale resort to protest the corporate welfare embedded in the Waxman-Markey cap-and-tax bill, and to rally against a gigantic unconstitutional power grab by the EPA. Inside the resort, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) were addressing the Edison Electric Institute’s annual board of directors meeting. Our activists held signs with slogans such as “Welcome, Carbon Crooks!” and “EPA = Excess Power Abuse.”
Our demonstration against the Carbon Crooks was covered by radio, television, print and new media, including the online edition of the Wall Street Journal. For links to photos, video, and other news coverage, go here:
Our Honking for Health Care Freedom campaign is targeting members of the House of Representatives as they start moving the national health care bill through House-Senate reconciliation process. We have a very short window to put a lot of pressure on wavering members of Congress. Remember: Nancy Pelosi’s national health care takeover bill passed in the House by only three votes in November—with a five-vote difference between yes votes and no votes!
Three Arizona Congress members—Gabrielle Giffords, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Harry Mitchell—helped to provide the crucial three votes needed to pass the Pelosi bill. And that was a big mistake on their part. But they did NOT vote for the CORRUPT payoffs in Harry Reid’s Senate bill.
Those three House members have decent reputations (so far) as public officials who do not aid and abet corruption. We need to remind Giffords, Kirkpatrick, and Mitchell how completely disgusted the public is with Ben Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback,” Mary Landrieu’s “Louisiana Purchase,” and the many other sweetheart deals used to scrounge up the final votes for Reid’s Senate bill.

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