Governor Brewer Proclaims Day of Prayer, Jan 17

Governor Brewer asks Arizonans to pray Sunday, January 17 for Arizona’s economy and state budget.

People of faith across Arizona are urged to seek God’s guidance during this difficult economic time.

Following the leads of Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has issued an historic proclamation for a Day of Prayer for Arizona’s economy and state budget on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

The proclamation states:

“throughout this day of prayer, we ask for God’s favor, blessing, wisdom and guidance to rest upon our state government, businesses and our citizens, that God would guide our state government leaders to resolve the state’s budget deficit, renew the vitality of our state’s economy and that God would aid and empower the citizens and businesses in our state and in our nation.”

Please join ministry leaders, pastors and Christians throughout Arizona in answering Governor Brewer’s call to prayer.

Contact your pastor to make sure your church is aware of the Day of Prayer, January 17th, and lift hands and hearts to our Lord that he will bless the efforts of our leaders, as they look to the motto of the State of Arizona, Ditat Deus- God Enriches”



4 Responses to Governor Brewer Proclaims Day of Prayer, Jan 17

  1. Jan Jessen says:

    Dear Gov. Brewer,

    I appreciate your humbling yourself and wanting prayer. God will hear and answer. My mother and I are in agreement with you and have prayed. May you continue to have God’s wisdom, both you and your constituents to do what’s best not for special interest groups but what’s best for our citizens and what will bring honor to God.

    Thank you for asking for prayer.

    God bless you.


    Jan Jessen and Dorothy Teller

  2. I dont believe there is any way to handle the illegal immigration problem in America without race being perceived as an issue. In the end we do have to enforce the law of the land. Some groups are going to feel discriminated against, but at this point, this is necessary.

  3. Kathryn Warren says:

    So, what if I am a Satanist and ask for bad things? What if I want to pray for the end of control of our state by the LDS church? What if I am an extremist Muslim who prays for the demise of our country? Perhaps it’s better to pray in private like the Bible says.

  4. halep keçisi…

    […]Governor Brewer Proclaims Day of Prayer, Jan 17 « History of Our Future[…]…

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