Dems Attack Reporter

Is this what you do when you do not want to answer a question?

After leaving her DC lobbyist fundraiser, Coakley fails to answer a question whether she stands by her comments that terrorists are not in Afghanistan. Coakley simply responds by asking if there are any more questions. When McCormack tries to follow Coakley and ask again, he is attacked by a member of Coakley’s entourage and thrown to the ground as Coakley looks on.  After he gets up, McCormack was accosted again, and not allowed to pass.

Pay close attention at 46-52 seconds as the guy with glasses behind Coakley (identified as Michael Meehan) as he surveys the sidewalk where they will be walking and makes a quiet comment to another Coakley supporter, and then moves to stand behind McCormack.

It even gets better:  Read the Boston Herald article as Coakley suggests the “Brown Stalkers” caused the incident.  Although the Boston Herald has two pictures where you can see Coakley look at McCormack on the ground and Meehan standing right there.

You can read McCormack’s article “We Report, We Get Pushed”

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) is running in the special election against State Senator Scott Brown (R) for the Senate seat that Ted Kennedy held.   The polls show this will be a very close race.  Let’s hope not,  I hope that Brown comes out with a huge lead.


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