Is It Possible? Dems May Lose Majority

Dems May Lose 60 Vote Majority this January!

Have you heard anything about the Senate race to fill the seat that Edward Kennedy held?

Nope, I haven’t either until I saw a comment on twitter.

To fill Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat, there is a special election scheduled January 19 just over one month away.   There are three candidates:

  • Conservative Republican  State Senator Scott Brown
  • Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley
  • Independent Joe Kennedy–not related to the well-known Kennedy family

Just imagine if Brown wins—the Democrat 60 vote majority will be gone!!

Do what you can to support him:

Since this is a special election in the dead of winter, getting out the vote will be important.  If you have friends or family in Massachusetts, talk with with them and find out the scoop.  Encourage them to vote for state Senator Scott Brown.

You can follow the race here at

Check out the Brown for U.S. Senate website, here are some excerpts:

“A fiscal conservative who has never voted for a tax increase, Brown said he’s running, in part, to offer an alternative to the spending policies of Washington…Brown has been a fiscal watchdog in the state Legislature, fighting wasteful spending. In the GOP primary, we recommend Scott Brown.” – Cape Cod Times, December 3, 2009.

12-22-09 Statement from Scott Brown on WBZ-TV Debate
During our debate, Martha Coakley referred to higher taxes as “investments.” I call them what they are — job killers that will make it harder for us to create jobs and bring prosperity back to our country. The differences in the election couldn’t be clearer. I want to go to Washington to be a check and balance against the spending abuses of Congress.

Just imagine if Brown wins the election–a shot that will be heard around the world–A Republican Senator from Massachusetts, the first since 1972.



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