This Weekend Could Be Our Last Chance!

Cloture Vote 1 a.m. Monday Morning

This is crazy!  A vote at 1 a.m.

Freedom Works is reporting that Harry Reid is bringing the decisive cloture vote for the health care bill at 1:00 a.m. Monday.   So when you go to bed on Sunday night, you will wake up with the vote done.

Take action this weekend.  Make phone calls, send faxes, send emails.

Let them know that “A vote for cloture will be a vote for the health care bill.”

Our best chance to defeat this bill is the cloture vote, from wikipedia:

The Senate does not restrict the total time allowed for debate; instead, a motion for cloture must be passed to end debate. A three-fifths majority (60 Senators), is required to approve the cloture motion and proceed to a vote on the main issue. Thus, although a bill might have majority support, a minority of 41 Senators can prevent a final vote, effectively defeating the bill.

Here are resources to help you:

Freedom Works Online War Room

Resistnet petition to be hand delivered

Senator David Vitter, LA is updating his facebook with details

And the latest on the last Democrat standing:

The Washington Post reports Saturday, 10:55 a.m. that Sen Nelson announces support for the health care bill


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