TEA Party Blog Talk Radio Conference Call

I listened to the TEA Party Blog Talk conference call tonight, here are some of the highlights:

  • Senator Lieberman’s staff called the police to arrest the TEA Party members that were waiting quietly in his office to talk to the Senator.  The police were very confused when they arrived.  What they saw were 3 middle-age men in suits, sitting quietly in the lobby, texting on their phones.  
  • About 10,000 to 15,000 people were at the Washington D.C. Code Red rally on Tuesday. After the rally, there were lines to get into the Senator’s offices, the Senators and their staffs had a rough day.   Updated: Code Red pictures on Americans For Prosperity site
  • Possibility of the Senate remaining in session through Christmas and holding the health care vote on Christmas.
  • Holding the vote on Christmas shows great disrespect for our country, to the Senators, to their staffs, to their families.   To play politics with the most important holiday of the Christian faith is very disrespectful.
  • The strategy of the left is to keep the pressure on us, thinking we will snap.  They are talking about us…WE THE PEOPLE…that we will just go away and ignore what they are doing, even on Christmas.   The only thing these people understand is pressure.  We need to keep the pressure back on them.
  • Please make sure to continue the phone calls, faxes, emails, office visits.  This is very important.
  • The National TEA party representatives visited multiple Senators offices and asked them to do the right thing—61% of the American people oppose this legislation.
  • When the phones go haywire, it means that we have overloaded the system, which happened again this week.  Good Job!!
  • Recommend that you read the book:  The Starfish and the Spider, the most unstoppable power of a leaderless organization. Summary: When losing an arm or head, the starfish can survive and regrow whereas the spider does not and dies.
  • The TEA Party organization is a leaderless organization…each of us is a leader, when we get off the couch, show up, become active—we are leading our nation.
  • There are about 1000 TEA Party groups nationwide.  This is incredible!  These groups are ordinary folks that have come together to empower themselves to make an impact on our country.   By coming together, we are powerful.
  • Those in D.C. are impressed with what we have done and there is fear that we are taking over the political system.   The sleeping giant has been awakened and that is us…We The People.
  • Have you heard about the WSJ/NBC poll?  It is amazing.  You can read the Newsmax article here and see the poll results here. The TEA Party Patriot movement has a greater approval than the Republican or Democrat party!!!
  • The Newsmax article is sending shock waves through the Washington political establishment.   The fact that the TEA Party is more popular than the Republican & Democratic party is direct result of  EVERY ONE of you that is part of the movement.  You have made this happen.
  • There are some people in D.C. clamoring to work with us.  They are saying without you, this bill would have passed a long time.
  • Congressman Steve King of Iowa is referring to us as a righteous army coming to the rescue of the nation.  Keep it up!!
  • Others are terrified of us, because we are changing the power structure, they see as a ragtag group, how can we change the power structure.  Because they forgot…We The People.
  • Keep the pressure on!  Phone calls,  faxes,  emails, office visits.
  • Make sure to support the Senators that are standing strong against the bill.   Our actions, including the rallies in D.C. are an inspiration to those Senators and Representatives.

There is hope…some see this as the second American Revolution.  There are now more people with the constitution in their hands, reading and learning than ever before.

A question was asked:   If the vote is scheduled for Christmas day, are you willing to go to D.C. on Christmas Eve to hold a candlelight vigil before the planned vote.   Yes, this is a sacrifice, we need to send the message how serious we are.


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