Boston Tea Party Anniversary – National Candelight Vigils

The National Tea Party Patriots is asking that we hold a simultaneous candelight vigil in remembrance of the Boston Tea Party, Dec 16, 1773.

We respond by holding a protest / candelight vigil outside Senator McCain’s office, reminding him we are watcing how he votes on this health care bill, as well as Jon Kyl.

Time:  Wednesday, December 16 from 4:45pm to 7:30pm
Location:  Outside Senator John McCain’s office
Street: 5353 N 16th St (this is right off the 51 on Missouri)
City/Town: Phoenix, AZ

Bring your own candle, and stand on the sidewalk with your signs reminding him that he is voting no on this monstor! We need ALL tea party members, as well as all other conservative group members to join us! Come when you can, we will be there until 7pm!

While we are there, we will join the Louisiana tea party patriots in singing special caroles that only the tea party can come up with! We will use their carols, which are posted below. Listen to them and then be ready to sing and sign next Wednesday night!

Tea Party Carol 1

Tea Party Carol 2


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