46 Handshakes and 1 Bow…Why?

Does this irritate you as much as it irritates me?

Our president should not be bowing to other world leaders.   His latest bow was to the emperor and empress of Japan.   In return they shook hands, which is what was expected–not a bow.

Mr. Obama’s bow was something that you would expect from a subject, let’s just say he got a good look at their shoes.   So if Mr. Obama is bowing to world leaders, why did he not bow to the Queen of England?   Nope didn’t happen, although Michelle hugged the Queen, which was a huge breach of royal protocol.

Earlier this year, when Mr. Obama bowed to the Saudi Arabia leader, the official White House statement claimed that wasn’t a bow, you must be mistaken, do not believe those lying eyes of yours.

Now the White House says that the bow to the Japanese emperor is all about protocol.  Yeah, right!

So, here is a video showing leaders from around the world greeting the emperor, lets just see what really is protocol compared to what Mr. Obama did.

Your inexperience is showing!


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