Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay

“What can be done to one of us can be done to all of us.”

tpp_relay_logo_200 Friday, Nov 20 5-7 pm
Mesa Municipal Complex
55 N. Center Street, Mesa, AZ

The TEA Party will be located on the East Lawn across from the  library.
Music – Speeches – Food

Please bring donations of canned food and money that the TEA party will be bringing to the California Central Valley farming communities.

From November 8th – 22nd, Tea Party Patriots™ are taking to the road on behalf of The Valley That Hope Forgot.  They have 2 goals: bring attention to this crisis and raise donations to help the farmers and their families.

The Central Valley of California, after having been attacked by radical environmental law that aims to put animal life over the lives of humans, has now been abandoned by our federal government.  This prosperous region that produces over 14% (25% according to some estimates) of the nation’s food supply and as much as 99% of certain products like pistachios, cannery tomatoes and almonds, is being dried up not by drought or natural causes, but by our own government.

Make no mistake, this crisis has been created by the water being shut off to save a small fish.  The government has turned off the water and created this crisis!

Farmers are now the endangered species

Instead of growing wheat, the fields have tumbleweeds

Go to these two sites to see videos and learn more.

TEA Party Patriots

Saving the Valley that HOPE forgot


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