Upcoming Tea Parties

Saturday Nov 14th  Rally Against Amnesty and Illegal Immigration

President Obama along with Republican and Democrat DC insiders are preparing a mass ‘Comprehensive’ Amnesty for illegal immigrants in America that will provide a path to citizenship and turn illegal aliens into voters even though a vast majority of Americans oppose this. This will only bring more ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to America!

Saturday,  Nov 14  10am-1pm
Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington

more info:   phoenix tea party and     www.againstamnesty.com

Friday Nov 20th Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay

tpp_relay_logo_200Would you believe it if you were told that the American government is forcing tens of thousands of California farmers to fight for their survival all in order to protect a small 2 inch minnow?

Well it is happening in the Vally that Hope Forgot.

In actions that can only be described as lacking the most basic humanity, the U.S. Congress has turned off the water to Central Valley farmers, leaving their land dry, their fields fallow, and their dreams and ambitions scattered in the dust. Tens of thousands are unemployed and waiting in food lines because of the federal government, proving once again that the government is the problem, not the solution.

The TEA Party is sponsoring a Farmer Relief and Freedom Relay across the United States to bring attention to this crisis and raise donations to help the farmers.  This is 1 stop among 60 different cities across the nation.

Please join the TEA party to help the farmers.

Friday, Nov 20 5-7 pm
Mesa Municipal Complex
55 N. Center Street, Mesa, AZ

The TEA Party will be located on the East Lawn across from the library.
Music – Speeches – Food

The TEA Party is asking for donations of canned food and money to send to the families in crisis.  There are no administration costs, 100% of donations will go to the California Central Valley farming communities that have been affected by this government created crisis.

For more info:    Saving the Valley that Hope Forgot and   TEA Party Patriots


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