What is the Difference? Democracy and Republic

Have you wondered what is the difference?  It seems that the terms are interchangeable.  We hear our country referred to many times as a democracy, instead of a republic.  By the way, the USA form of government is a Republic.

As I have written before, I am on a journey to better understand what is happening in our country, but to do that I have realized the need to better understand our founding documents and how our country operates.

What I have discovered is a very subtle use of our language to openly discuss dramatic changes to our country, while seeming to be very patriotic.   So the terms that someone uses can also help define them.

So the next time I hear a person, the news, a politician, or a bureaucrat use the word democracy, I will need to decide between two things:  Do they want to fundamentally change our country or are they ignorant of the facts.

Take a few minutes to watch these two videos and discover the difference.


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