Nobel Peace Prize


So if he throws out the first pitch at the baseball World Series, does he get the Series most valuable player award?

If he does the coin flip at the Super Bowl, does he get the Super Bowl MVP award?

If he watches a college game on TV, does he win the Heisman Trophy?  Best performance by a President watching a game.

Hey, I saw him on TV, does he win an Emmy?

If he sings happy birthday to his children, does he win a Grammy?

ASU-Arizona State University must be confused, because they thought you needed to earn an award.   In May, they told him “No honorary degree for you.”

What am I missing?   Wait, I know, all the young children get trophies now just for participating.


One Response to Really?

  1. Cathy says:

    Glenn Beck commented that the most noble thing Obama could have done would have been to decline the Nobel Peace Prize. We know he’s too arrogant to do that even though the President admitted himself he didn’t deserve the award! Better yet, conservative talk-radio show host Dennis Prager said early 10/9 that the only thing for Obama to do would be to accept the Peace prize on behalf of the USA’s military–the most peace-seeking organization on the planet. . .but that ain’t gonna happen either, is it? What charity do you think Obama will donate the $1.4 million prize money to? ACORN, SEIU, Planned Parenthood, GM, one of the fed’s banks? What a crock!!!

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