Keep Your Laws Off My Body!

More good reading at American Thinker:

Interesting viewpoint from Dr. Linda Halderman

Subsidized Health Care: a view from the exam room

I learned a lot about the cost of health care when I had a hybrid general surgery practice in California ‘s rural San Joaquin Valley.  My practice consisted of uninsured women with breast cancer combined with a smaller percentage of cosmetic patients whose cash payments for “vanity care” subsidized the treatment of women unable to pay for needed medical treatment.

And another article:   Senator Baucus: what $856 billion buys you. Loved the comment by pursang which best describes how our world is upside down:

Its ironic that the same people who made sure you could get a safe abortion on demand as a teen will give us a healthcare system that will force you to sneak down an alley to get a hip replacement with your own money when you hit 80.

Perhaps we should borrow a slogan from the pro-choice crowd:



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