Precinct Committeeman: Do it TODAY

If you are considering becoming a precinct committeeman, TODAY is the day to do it. There may be a fast approaching deadline in order to participate in the January meeting.  Each county is different so the deadline may be different.

I think that date for Maricopa County is November 2 to become a PC to be active in January.   Once you fill out the application, it will need to go to a District Chairperson, County Chairperson and Board of Supervisors.  This will take time.

So,  DO IT RIGHT NOW, TODAY.    Yes, I am asking everyone one of you to do this. Just in Maricopa County there are 6300 slots available.  How many do you think were filled during the last election?  Only 1900!! And those were split about 50/50 between moderates and conservatives.   Some of the votes by the PC’s were determined by less than 5 votes.   The best way to have an impact on the Republican Party is to become a PC.  So, DO IT RIGHT NOW, TODAY. DO NOT DELAY.

Do you want to know an interesting thing.  Earlier today, I put up my first post about becoming a PC and referenced a blog that I came across when looking for PC info.   Well then tonight, I attended a meeting and listened to someone very passionately talk about becoming a PC.   Afterward, I spoke to this person and asked whether they had a blog.  Yes, you guessed it, same blog that I referenced just this morning.  Small world we live in!

One of the things he said that was the most interesting…

The candidates will call you to ask for your endorsement.    Because they know you may just be knocking on doors to get out the vote.


Here is how to sign up:

Easy steps to become a PC:

  • Check your voter id for your district and precinct info
  • Google Republican Party Chairman and your county name
  • Find your Republican Party legislative district and precinct organization
  • Contact the chairman to let them know you want to become a PC
  • In Maricopa County:  call 623-977-4532

Check out the Maricopa County Republican Web Site.  It has a good explanation of how and why to become a PC.

Click over to this blog “The Precinct Project”  which gives more information about how to become a Precinct Committeeman (PC).


3 Responses to Precinct Committeeman: Do it TODAY

  1. Cathy says:

    I signed up to be a precinct committeeman & have been approved for District 9. I feel good about this decision. Hope others will do the same, get involved, stay informed and make a difference!

  2. Ben says:

    Good for you!! What challenges did you face if any. I sent an email 2 days ago to my district leadership and have yet to hear anything. Am I expecting to quick of a turnaround? If you have any information to help I’d appreciate it.

  3. Cathy says:

    Hello, Ben. Didn’t face any challenges becoming a precinct committeeman. Have you received your official approval to become pc rep or just sent in your application? It does take some time to verify your app; it is done by state Republican party. I would find out when your next legislative district meeting is & plan to attend. These are open to anyone-not just to precinct people. In addition to e-mailing, I would call your leadership too. Good luck!

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