Health Care Reform Will Cost You Lots

In the early days of his campaign to become President, Obama is very candid in talking about health care reform, here are some of the points that Obama makes in the video:

  • Benefits will cost additional billions than what we are spending now
  • Increased taxes
  • Savings are just a theory
  • Transitioning a system is a very difficult , costly and lengthy enterprise.
  • Government will need to subsidy the transition to electronic records

SCHIP from conservpedia:  State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) helps states to insure low-income children that cannot get Medicaid and cannot afford private insurance. The program was created by the Republican-led Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Under Title XXI of the Social Security Act, individual states are alloted federal funds each year. This act was allocated $20 billion dollars for 10 years. An extension to the program was signed into law by President Bush and continues the program until 2009.

Medicare/Medicaid = these government run programs only reimburse/pay the doctors 62 cents for every dollar billed. (this is what the lady in the video stated)  Some doctors limit the number of Medicare/Medicaid patients because of this.


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