Is This Still the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

This is just shocking to see what is happening in Washington.  These are not the actions that happen in a land of the free.    I think the administration is becoming so desperate to get this passed.  It seemed last week racism was all that you heard, now it is stealth mode while trying to shut down those against this legislation.

  • Gag orders from the government to insurance companies
  • Rush tactics before the public understands what is happening
  • Senate Finance Committee is pushing for votes before the details are even written–once the vote is in, then the bill will be written
  • Senate Finance Committee votes no to release details to the public
  • The same committee rejects public access to the bill for at least 72 hours before the vote
  • Senate Finance Committee Chairman continual interruption of Senator Kyl to shut him down.

Read the full article by Ernest Istook at NewsMax  Democrats Use Stealth Tactics on Healthcare Bill

I listened to Dick Morris on a Fox News tonight.  He raised the concern that many think this legislation is dead.  That is far from reality when you see that Nancy Pelosi, Henry Reid and Max Baucus are trying to shove this through.  The fight is not over!


Use the links of the right side of the blog to contact your elected officials–Representatives and Senators.

Inform your circle of family and friends, make sure they know what is happening to their country.


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