Doctors Rally Against ObamaCare!

Interesting, we haven’t heard a lot from the doctors, or maybe I haven’t seen many posts or articles.   Of course, we have heard over and over that AMA, doctors and nurses support the current reform legislation.

Do you believe that?  Be aware that the AMA does not represent all the doctors.   That is not the full story.

Here is a collection of links that might be of interest, the doctors are rallying AGAINST the current health care legislation:

The Greatest Victim of Government Medicine:  The Physician

American Political Analysis – Dr. Jordan Weiner 7/14/09
Does our government think that my mind and the minds of other physicians will continue to strive to achieve, innovate and continue the noble tradition of medicine in this great country when they shackle me intellectually and financially?

45% of Doctors will consider quitting if Congress passes health care overhaul Investors Business Daily 9/15/09
Two of every three practicing physicians oppose the medical overhaul plan under consideration in Washington, and hundreds of thousands would think about shutting down their practices or retiring early if it were adopted, a new IBD/TIPP Poll has found.

Doctors For Patient Care Web Site – Letter to Patients (click here to read entire letter)

This letter states:  The government’s plan is frightening!  Here’s what’s going to happen:

Dear Patient:
Every physician takes an oath dedicating oneself to the care of patients. Motivated by this oath, we are compelled to speak out and clarify what we believe are important facts regarding the healthcare debate. The real facts are not accurately reported to the public. We need to explain to you what the consequences of a new government run health plan will mean to you.

For historical and cultural reasons, physicians have been largely silent on political issues. This has been a mistake. Everyone, including our patients, has misunderstood our reluctance to speak out as silent support for the government’s plan. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We will be silent no longer.

Physicians For Reform

Remember, whoever pays holds the power to choose and the government cannot afford to pay for everything for everyone. Physicians for Reform is a physician-led movement committed to keeping the patient at the center of healthcare while making coverage affordable for every American.

Have you EVER heard of Doctors protesting in the streets?

Did you know that Physicians rallied against the health care reform in Washington D.C. on Sept. 10,  the same week as the 9/12 march?  Here is one picture of the doctors in Washington, read more at Atlas Shruggs


The physicians have another rally planned on Thursday, Oct 1, called the MillionMedMarch, click here for that site.  Here is their mission:

  1. Congress should scrap efforts for government to take over medicine through rationing, insurance mandates and the public option.
  2. Congress should institute changes that empower patients and lower costs of health insurance through things like interstate purchasing, tort reform, individual tax credits to buy insurance and deregulation of the insurance market.
  3. The AMA does not represent the physicians of America and are merely another special interest trying to gain financially while patients and the profession lose.
  4. The American Taxpayer cannot afford the debt and entitlement programs – reform Medicare and Medicaid first.
These doctors are taking time away from their practice and patients to march to the capital and visit their elected representatives.
Your Call to Action:   Please do your part.   Call or write your Congressman (202-224-3121) or Senator (202-225-3121) now.  Tell them this is not the reform we want, the current plan needs to be scrapped.   We need real competition across state lines, not a government public option or co-op.   We need revision of tax laws to deduct insurance premiums.   Why is tort reform not being addressed?  This affects EVERY American and we need to take very careful and limited actions one step at a time and not a wholesale change/reform/overthrow/yourchoice of the current system.

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