AZ Senator Jon Kyl Warns About Health Care Reform

Jon Kyl was on Hugh Hewitt this week and calls you to action to help stop health care legislation, here is an excerpt:

HH: People have asked me on air, I have been urging them, to how to get in the game, and I tell them at this point, the most effective thing they can do is to contribute to, or, the National Republican Senatorial, the National Republican Congressional, because your opposite number watches those numbers as a temperature of how great the opposition is growing. Am I right or wrong, Senator Kyl?

JK: Well, that’s true. On the other hand, let me make this point. You’re wisely looking at the next shoe to drop here, which is after the next election. And it’s good to be planning for that, and to be putting away the money right now to make sure that we can pick up enough seats so that forever more, we can stop this stuff.

But of course, the immediate battle is still at issue. It’s in the balance. It’s on the knife’s edge. We don’t know who’s going to win or lose. We have to win it. And I would say that right now, if you’ve got a little extra time:

  • start blogging the heck out of everybody you know
  • hook them up to the links that have good stories
  • e-mail your friends.
  • If you can get into a radio talk show, do it.
  • If you can write a letter to the editor, do it.
  • Most importantly, visit your Congressman, write to your Congressman, or Senators, obviously.   Right now, the action is in the Senate. And it’s really important that they hear from you.
  • If you can belong to an organization which leverages and individual’s power, do that. There are a lot of organizations out there. And I mean, I could, I don’t want to do it on the air here, but there are organizations which are funding a lot of the advertising that’s bringing out, for example, the rationing that’s going to occur.  (edit to add the links if you want to donate)
    • Help us with the League of American Voters’ national media campaign exposing Obamacare — Go Here Now.

To me, the most pernicious thing of all, I mean, I hate the expense, I hate the government takeover of all this. The most important thing to me is, I don’t want my health care rationed, and I don’t want anybody else’s health care rationed, and that’s what happens under the Baucus bill, or any of these other bills

read the entire transcript here


3 Responses to AZ Senator Jon Kyl Warns About Health Care Reform

  1. Cathy says:

    I agree with Senator Kyl that we must do everything to stop Obama, the Democrats and the liberal left. The Republicans must stand against everything the Democrats are trying to ram down our throats! We must continue to stay vocal, engaged, informed, and pro-active in this fight to get our country back!

  2. Cathy says:

    Did you hear how Senator Kyl was continually interrupted on the floor of the Senate today by Sen. Baucus who basically told Kyl to hurry up because he was delaying the process?!! The language of a bill was being debated. Since when are discussions/comments on the Senate floor (which are already timed) considered delaying the process? I guess only if you agree do you get to say what you want and are not interrupted. These Dems are trying to gag and quiet everyone & anyone who begs to differ!

  3. brandonhuigens says:

    Oh, you mean like the GOP has for 8 years?! The Republican Party has called constituents unpatriotic when constituents disagreed with Bush when he was President! Guess what? Now YOU are not a patriot! You Republican Conservatives are nothing but a bunch of greedy hypocrites! The country is waking up now to realize that the GOP is not for women or other minorities or even mothers with children. Jon Kyle made the statement that healthcare did not need cover maternity leave since he doesn’t have to use it. Well, it’s time for all the minorities to band together b/c if we unite our numbers to vote, then the white Republican Conservative men will LOSE! We out number you together! Or did you already forget who banded together to vote Obama in the first place? The GOP is outdated and we are voting for a more progressive movement that will work! The GOP had 8 YEARS and this is where we all ended up! Obama did not put us in a recession, the GOP leaders did!

    Your party is not for the American People anymore.

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