Have You Heard About ACORN?

We certainly live in interesting times.  Here is another example:

ACORN (Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now) has been in the news before with lawsuits against them for voter fraud in the last election, well now there is more…

Filmmaker James O’Keefe, 25, and Hannah Giles, 20, decide on their own to go undercover to investigate ACORN.  They pose as a prostitute and pimp seeking help from ACORN offices for housing for a brothel.  The discussions cover:  setting up the brothel and how to run their new business, filing taxes and tax fraud, bringing underage illegal immigrants from El Salvador to work for them, yes child prostitution, and advice to keep the children illiterate and uneducated.  Just incredible.  There are multiple videos released across many days with interaction at ACORN offices in Baltimore, New York, Washington D.C.  ACORN responds by firing those involved and stating this is just an isolated incident.  Yeah, right.

Actions that have happened over last few days:

Biggovernment.com has the full story

There is to be another ACORN video released today, wonder what is in that one.  Interesting times indeed!

Update:  Oh yeah, how could I forget, there is talk of a lawsuit by ACORN against FOX News, O’Keefe and Giles.


4 Responses to Have You Heard About ACORN?

  1. Cathy says:

    Why didn’t McCain vote on stopping funding to ACORN? That doesn’t look good!

  2. Cathy says:

    I think Gibson is a liar! How does he laugh off not knowing about the ACORN stories by saying he was off sailing this weekend, and then say in practically the same breath these stories are best left to the cable networks?? Another example of MSM gone obviously awry!

  3. Cathy says:

    I will call his office and find out why McCain was ‘not voting’ on this issue. I wonder if ‘not voting’ means not present, or present but abstaining from voting? Ummmmm . . .

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