9/12 March On Washington

Today at my local 9/12 tea party it was announced that there were 1.5-2 million people at the Washington D.C. Tea Party!   When I got home and checked online for photos, to see this amazing event, I didn’t find many.

In my search, what I found were many reports and articles from several news organizations, but very few pictures.   I did come across these:



You can also watch a video at CSPAN:



2 Responses to 9/12 March On Washington

  1. Sharon says:

    The only reports I read stated that there were tens of thousands of protestors – only close-up pictures – nothing that showed the imensity of the crowds.
    Thanks for showing the “full” picture.

    • purplemtnmajesty says:

      I noticed that too, just close-up with no crowd or articles with no pictures. That is because a picture speaks volumes!

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