You Lie! True or False?

During the President’s speech to a Joint Session of Congress,  there was a shout from the audience, Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) to the President–“You Lie”.

This was in response to the President calling out all of the misinformation swirling around the health care reform bill(s), this one specifically:

  • Health Care reform will insure illegal aliens.  This is FALSE, says the President.

So illegal alien, undocumented worker, illegal immigrant, lawbreaker–whatever you want to call them–are not specifically called out in the plan to cover.  But does the matter end there?  I don’t think so.  How many have social security numbers, driver licenses, get care in emergency rooms?

Do you really believe that you will not be subsidizing health care for illegal immigrants?  That is the real issue, not whether they are officially “covered”.  There is no enforcement included in the health care plan to ensure that only citizens are covered.

I spoke with a lady this week that attended McCain’s Sun City town hall in August and she raised this exact issue to Senator McCain.   She told me he didn’t or couldn’t answer the question, because enforcement is not included in the plan.

Looks like Rep. Joe Wilson is getting quite a bit of support–$750,000 since he shouted “You Lie”, reported in The Washington Post.


2 Responses to You Lie! True or False?

  1. Cathy says:

    While I don’t condone Rep Wilson’s ill-timed & inappropriate ‘shout out’ at the President, I do understand and empathize with his anger and frustration with the President’s lies! Not once during his speech on Wed night, did the President acknowledge the American people & our willingness to speak out for what we believe in and to stand up for what we think is right. I believe Rep Wilson’s comment spoke for those of us the President continues to ignore.

  2. Cathy says:

    Chris Wallace had Joe Wilson on Sun morning. Wallace pretty much accused Rep Wilson of staging his ‘shout out’ to raise campaign money!!! Give me a break! This Dowd woman from the NY Slimes paper said in her article that Rep Wilson implied in his comment, ‘You lie, boy!’ thus implicating yet another conservative Republican who disagrees with the President of being a racist! Where or when does this slurring stop?

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