Did the President’s Communist Special Advisor Resign?

Another WOW!  We certainly live in interesting times.

AP, Citizen-Times.com and USA Today just reported that Van Jones, Special Adviser, to the President resigned, can this be true?

This is good, very good news.  Van Jones, Green Jobs Special Adviser (some have said Czar) resigned over inflammatory comments brought up this week about calling Republicans “a**holes” and that he signed a “truther” petition asking for hearings whether the government allowed the 2001 attacks to happen.

For the last couple of weeks, Glenn Beck and Fox News have been very vocal about Van Jones’ background and boldly asking questions how can this self-avowed communist be an adviser to the President.   Being a communist wasn’t enough reason to resign,  just using bad language and being a “truther”.  How insane is that?

If you haven’t heard about Van Jones, then you probably are watching mainstream media (MSM), check out this story by Byron York how the MSM has completely ignored him.

Here is an article by Cliff Kincaid in Accuracy in the Media providing a little history lesson on Van Jones.   Oh, and where did he become a communist—in prison.

Interesting that this announcement was done in the middle of the night in the middle of a 3 day weekend.

Love Michelle Malkin’s statement, sunshine is the best disinfectant.


2 Responses to Did the President’s Communist Special Advisor Resign?

  1. Sharon says:

    Is there a movement to support Glenn Beck even though his advertisers are abandoning him?

  2. purplemtnmajesty says:

    There are two web sites by Glenn Beck supporters that I have come across. The sites list the advertisers that have abandoned him and those that advertise on his show. They also point out that the boycott might not be working as well as Color of Change is saying. I am not sure what the truth is in this matter. You can see the sites at:

    Of note is that Glenn Beck’s ratings are increasing along with Fox News, even though he is not in prime time.

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