What To Do: 9/11 Day of Prayer

Next Friday is the 8th anniversary of 9/11.   President Bush declared it as a day of prayer and remembrance of those that died on 9/11.  There are many activities that you can do to mark the day.   Here are a couple that I have come across:

Fasting & Pray

Sept11During the Revolutionary War, Congress appointed a Day of Fasting & Prayer to call upon God, and plead for His Providential aid.  The fasting and prayers of three million Americans were answered as the power of God enabled them to win battles they otherwise shouldn’t have won and gave them strength to defeat their enemy.

Today, we too are in need of miracles for this great nation. We invite you to join us as we call upon God again through Fasting & Prayer on September 11, 2009,
to help us secure and preserve our * Faith * Family * Freedom * and for guidance to know what WE can do to protect our Nation and its inspired Constitution.
Cry Out America

cryoutamericalogoChristians nationwide will unite together in prayer at noon on 9/11 at county courthouses across all 50 states to pray for their community and for the spiritual condition of our nation.

In 2001 extremist enemies assaulted America with the terrorists attacks of 9/11.  These acts of aggression signaled a physical wake up call for our nation as we entered the new millennium. Our lives were changed forever—millions of Americans fell to their knees in prayer.

Now eight years later, as part of the Awakening America Alliance (wwwawakeningamerica.us), Christians are issuing a spiritual wake up call through CRY OUT AMERICA, a historical nationwide prayer gathering, on September 11, 2009.


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