The Middle of a Conversation

Well as you can imagine, I have been having lots of conversations with different people lately.   A long-time friend that I recently spoke with told me that they had visited my blog after I sent them the link and wondered who is this person, this isn’t the person I know, since we rarely have political discussions.    As I stated in a previous post, this is a new interest of mine.

The other thing that came across was the feeling of stepping into the middle of a conversation and not completely understanding what I am talking about and why they need to care, or why they need to do anything.   I will provide some background posts to help you out with that.    I read a couple of editorials in the last couple of days that I thought give a good background as well.  Here is one from today from Charles Krauthammer, that provides a summary of what caused President Obama’s falling approval ratings.

My desire is to help communicate within my circle of family and friends and pray that this inspires you to take action.  I have already have a few posts titled “What to do” that you can follow and do.   I really believe that we need to be involved and speak out.  If we do not, I firmly believe that the country we now know will be changed forever and it will not be for the better.

Okay, I have always been opininated, no one has challenged me on that one!!


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