White House at it again! (updated)

This is just hard to believe and gets me all kind of  fired up.  I really am a very private individual, as you may have noticed.  I haven’t posted a picture, signed a post or even completed the about me page.   I am just an average person tired of what I have been reading and hearing about.  Here is another example that  I just came across.  Once again, the White House is crossing the boundaries that they have no business doing:

  • first there was the send fishy emails to flag@whitehouse.gov, you know just report your neighbor or friend to the white house about fishy emails, only because the white house can’t keep track of all that conversation that just happens below the surface.  gag me!
  • second was the email spam from David Axelrod on why you should support the president’s health care plan.  How did they get private emails to send their little spam to?
  • third, how about the cookies the white house is using once you visit a government site to track you.   Not very nice, definitely intrusive!  (I haven’t looked at this one much yet)
  • NOW, the White House is planning to harvest personal information from social networking sites.  EXCUSE ME!  LEAVE US ALONE!

National Legal Policy Center (NLPC) has reported 8/31/2009 about a request for services that the White House published on August 22, 2009 to harvest information from facebook, twitter, myspace, fickr, youtube, vimeo, and slideshare out of an abundance of caution.  NLPC suggest it is out of abundance of power.

I will have more tomorrow

9/2 Update #1: I read the 8/22/09 RFQ, you can see here, this is a proposal to comply with the Presidential Records Act (PRA).   Here is a snippet of the scope:

The contractor shall provide the necessary services to capture, store, extract to approved formats, and transfer content published by EOP on publicly-accessible web sites, along with information posted by non-EOP persons on publicly-accessible web sites where the EOP offices under PRA maintains a presence, throughout the term of the contract. The contractor shall if possible, capture, store, extract to approved formats, and transfer content published by EOP on non-public websites. The contractor shall include in the information posted by non-EOP persons on publicly-accessible web sites where the EOP maintains a presence both comments posted on pages created by EOP and messages sent to EOP accounts on those web sites. Publicly-accessible sites may include, but are not limited to social networking sites.

EOP=Executive Office of the President.   This is not clear whether this is just EOP sites, since it states web sites where EOP maintains a presence.

At the very end of the document in a list of question/answers, the web sites are identified:

2. Approximately how many sites are controlled by EOP?

Answer: The 7 networks where the EOP currently maintains a presence are:


The question is asked why Non-EOP content will be archived:

9. The Presidential Records Act does not require the storage or archiving of non-EOP content, as such is there a specific reason as to why the content provided on EOP related websites in the form of comments is included in these archiving procedures?

Answer: The PRA includes in its definition of presidential records content “received” by PRA components and personnel. Out of an abundance of caution, we are treating comments made by non-PRA personnel on sites on which a PRA component has a presence as presidential records, requiring them to be captured or sampled.

Did I over-react, probably, just shows my complete lack of trust of what is happening.

9/2 Update #2: You can read more about it at CNS news here.  This link was sent to me this morning.


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