President to Speak with ALL Students

That was quick!! I asked in my last post what you were doing. Here is an email that I got early this afternoon (before my previous post) from a friend that called into a radio talk show today to express an opinion and continue dialogue about President Obama addressing all K-12 students in their classrooms across the entire U.S. next Tuesday.   Yes, that is correct every K-12 student across the United States.  I am assuming this only includes public schools, so home schoolers and possibly private schools get a pass.   Now let this sink in and think about it.  This friend did and called into a talk show:

I got thru on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show this afternoon!!  I gave my opinion about Obama addressing school-age kids on Sept. 8th!!!  Is this president so full of himself that he will try to indoctrinate young children as to how they should conduct themselves in and out of the classroom??!!!!  This is so weird, creepy, and inappropriate it’s beyond belief!!!  I think ALL parents should call their school districts and schools, ask their principals when this broadcast will take place on Sept. 8th, and either pull their kids from school for that time frame or keep your kids home from school that day!!!  This would also serve to keep the schools from getting money they receive for the numbers of kids in the classrooms.  At the least, insist as a parent that you attend not only the President’s message, but stay for the discussion afterwords in your child’s classrooms to hear firsthand the follow-up students are given to the President’s message!!

Even if you don’t have kids of grade-school age, I encourage all of you to call your school districts and local schools and express your opinions on this matter. We as Americans must continue to send the message that this President is over-stepping his boundaries and he is imposing on ours–and now–our childrens’ freedoms!!!!  This must STOP!!!!

If you are unsure what this is all about…you can read more about this at Ron Paul’s web site here, although the  formatting is a little off, the majority of the text is the letter from the Dept of Education to the school principals.

The President’s speech topic will be the importance of education, sounds harmless enough, right.   When you think about it, President Obama has given so many speeches over the last few years that he may have run out of people to get in front of and now needs to seek adulation from our children.  Sorry—couldn’t help myself.

Okay, back on topic..  Will we now have to argue with our kindergartner or fourth grader about what they are to do when they come home and tell us—but the president told me himself.   I have a lack of trust for what he says, he contradicts himself in the same speech; he has insulted, intimidated and mocked the citizens of this country.   Is he trying to develop himself as the father figure for our children?

I reviewed the online documents that were provided to the schools/teachers, with suggested activities before, during and after the speech.  Most of the activities sounded like typical student activities.  But here is one that caught my eye:

  • Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals.

Hmmm, thought this was about importance of education—not what goal a student can do to help the president and then be held accountable.   Sounds pretty fishy to me.


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